Edward Green MTO

Edward Green has vast options of models, leathers, colours and other details. 
A Made To Order is your possibility to put together your favourite combination. 
Over the years, I've advised clients on a couple of hundred pairs. Do ask advice. I truly enjoy the process. 

My prices are similar to that of Edward Green in the UK. 
They may fluctuate slightly due to changing currencies, so contact me for a quick quote. 

 All prices including VAT.


Please note that the price from EG has been updated twice since I posted this price list, so it needs revising. The mto surcharge is now significantly higher, and base models slightly higher. Ex vat, mto surcharge comes out at around 300 GBP now.

Model/Type/Description GBP RRP inc VAT NOK inc VAT ex VAT
Normal oxfords/derbies (Chelsea, Cardiff, Malvern,...) 965 GBP 10.900 NOK 8.720 NOK
Wholecut oxford, Monks, elastic sided (Newbury,Ewhurst...) 1020 GBP 11.600 NOK 9.280 NOK
Unlined derbies 760 GBP 8.600 NOK 6.880 NOK
Veldtschoen derbies (Dundee, Gleneagle) 1015 GBP 10.800 NOK 8.640 NOK
Handsewn apron derby/monks 1200 GBP 13.600 NOK 10.880 NOK
Loafers lined (Piccadilly, Duke, Belgravia...) 995 GBP 11.400 NOK 9.120 NOK
Loafers unlined (Duke, Ventnor,...) 795 GBP 8.900 NOK 7.120 NOK
Loafer cordovan (Duke) 1330 GBP 15.000 NOK 12.000 NOK
Chukka/Chelsea boots (Banbury, Camden,...) 1150 GBP 13.000 NOK 10.400 NOK
Chukka unlined (Shanklin, Chale...) 795 GBP 8.900 NOK 7.120 NOK
Boot (Galway, Kentmere, Shannon, ....) Goodyear 1215 GBP 13.900 NOK 11.120 NOK
Norwegian Apron Boot (Cranleigh, Nevis) 1365 GBP 15.600 NOK 12.480 NOK
Unlined slippers (Polperro, Portland...) 475 GBP 5.600 NOK 4.480 NOK
MTO 265 GBP 3.000 NOK 2.400 NOK
MTO - extra (Models on unusual lasts)  360 GBP 4.200 NOK 3.360 NOK


There are slight additions for dual leathers, steel toe tips, and so forth. Cordovan leather POA. 

 Available leathers

Below is a table with available leathers. Send me a message if you want comparison shots. White balance may differ slightly from picture to picture due to camera settings, but the colour of the leathers are well presented.

Smooth calf


 Acorn Antique Acorn Antique
Edwardian Antique Edwardian Antique
Chestnut Antique Chestnut Antique
Burnt Pine Antique Burnt Pine Antique
Hazel Antique Hazel Antique
Maple Antique Maple Antique
Birch Antique Birch Antique
Dark Oak Antique Dark Oak Antique
Bauxite Antique Bauxite Antique
Redwood Antique Redwood Antique
Burgundy Antique Burgundy Antique
Nightshade Antique Nightshade Antique
Navy Antique Navy Antique
Midnight Antique Midnight Antique
Olive Antique Olive Antique
Chameleon Antique Chameleon Antique
Juniper Antique Juniper Antique
Bronze Antique Bronze Antique
Black Calf Black Calf
Smooth calf


Gold Delapre Gold Delapre
Damson Delapre Damson Delapre
Burgundy Delapre Burgundy Delapre
Racing Green Delapre Racing Green Delapre
Navy Delapre Navy Delapre
Dark Brown Delapre Dark Brown Delapre
Black Delapre Black Delapre
Smooth calf

Aniline Calf

Brandy Aniline Brandy Aniline
London Tan Aniline London Tan Aniline
Burgundy Aniline Burgundy Aniline
Racing Green Aniline Racing Green Aniline
Navy Aniline Navy Aniline
Espresso Aniline Espresso Aniline

Country Calf

Almond Country Calf Almond
Rosewood Country Calf Rosewood
Mahogany Country Calf Mahogany
Walnut Country Calf Walnut Country Calf
Navy Country Calf Navy Country Calf
Grey Country Calf Grey Country Calf
Black Country Calf Black Country Calf


Gold Utah Gold Utah
Damson Utah Damson Utah
Burgundy Utah Burgundy Antique
Racing Green Utah Racing Green Utah
Navy Utah Navy Utah
Dark Brown Utah Dark Brown Utah
Black Utah Black Utah

Levant Calf

Burgundy Levant Calf Burgundy Levant Calf
Dark Brown Levant Calf Dark Brown Levant Calf
Black Levant Calf Black Levant Calf

London Grain

Burgundy London Grain
Dark Brown London Grain
Black London Grain

Hatch Grain

Deep Purple
Chicago Blue
Pasture Green
Saddle Brown
Bull Rush

Russian Calf

Russian Calf
Cordovan Cordovan
From left:
Whisky, Cognac, Burgundy, Navy, Black 


From left:
Peanut, Dark Oak, Black Alligator


Nutmeg Suede
Tobacco Suede
Snuff Suede
Mocha Suede
Mink Suede
Espresso Suede
Oyster Suede
Mushroom Suede
Mole Suede
Army Green Suede
Salmon Suede
Clove Suede
Berry Suede
Aqua Suede
Navy Suede
Lavagna Suede
Black Suede

Baby Calf Suede

Coral Baby Calf Suede

Calico Baby Calf Suede
Sand Baby Calf Suede
Mace Baby Calf Suede
Brown Pepper Baby Calf Suede
Army Green Baby Calf Suede
Aqua Baby Calf Suede
Cobalt Baby Calf Suede
Navy Baby Calf Suede
Monastic Grey Baby Calf Suede
Black Baby Calf Suede


 Examples of orders provided for clients.