Sukesan by Miyagi Kogyo

I'm a sucker for good footwear. For the past couple of years I have had the honor of working with Miyagi Kogyo in Yamagata, Japan, that makes for my own brand, Sukesan. 

Miyagi Kogyo are filled with young, passionate craftsmen, and it's a true pleasure to visit. Whether you like formal shoes, workwear boots, or more fashion-oriented sneakers, Miyagi Kogyo can make them all, and at a very high level. Size wise, I would consider them close to Barrie or Trubalance from Alden.

Here, we will be creating group orders for various styles. 

It is also possible to order MTOs from Miyagi Kogyo, at a 30% surcharge. Great opportunity to get your favorite leather and design? 

Model/Type/Description NOK inc. VAT NOK ex. VAT
Laced Boots (Chromexcel, Horsehide) 7.000 5.600
Laced Boots (Horse butt) 7.500 6.000
Engineer Boots (Chromexcel, Horsehide) 8.000 6.400
Engineer Boots (Horse butt) 8.800 7.040
Oxford, derbies, and loafers (French calf/Suede) 5.600 4.480
Handstitched models (French calf/Suede) 6.800 5.440
MTO surcharge 30% 30%
Cordovan surcharge (Japanese), price needs to be confirmed as it will differ from model to model 3.000 2.400

Check out some of the pictures below to see what Miyagi Kogyo are capable of, and send me a message if you have good ideas for makeups. 


Plain toe boot

Monkey boot
Cap toe boot

Horween ChromexcelsHorween Chromexcels 1Horween Chromexcels 2Horween Chromexcels 3

Montana, Japanese calf with similar properties to Horween Chromexcel

Captoe oxford

103 - Norwegian Split Toe with handstitched apron
Semi Brogue oxford
Cap Toe derby