About us

Pursuing the perfect wardrobe

Our goal and purpose is to offer refined and unique footwear to passionate friends and customers who requires the best.

Our services include Made To Order, Group Orders and Ready To Wear. We’re happy to advice and help create or complete your shoe wardrobe. As a start-up, we will not hold much stock to begin with. Many standard models may be ordered up with quick delivery.

Our suppliers are partners I’m very fond of, both on a professional and personal level. I have worked with them for many years and created new models, patterns and thousands of special orders.

My kind of shoes

I enjoy both formal and casual shoes. Working as an engineer in Norway, the working environment is casual and without any kind of dress code. As a person that picks shoes first, outfit second, this is something I really enjoy. Total freedom! 

Over a decade of passion for shoes, I have tried many makers, styles and qualities. The makers I carry are my absolute favorites. I want balance. The pattern needs to fit the last. The leather needs to fit the thickness of the sole. The visual weight must fit my taste. Edward Green, Santari and Miyagi Kogyo always are. Easy on the eye. Understated. Perfect. Many details may be copied, but the perfect balance cannot.

My aspiration

I absolutely love helping clients create their perfect shoe wardrobes, one pair at the time. Through the years I have facilitated thousands of MTOs through various suppliers, and have vast knowledge of fit and all the other details that makes up a good pair of shoes. My aspiration is that the shoes from my store will be your first choice when you leave your home.